Live online


week 22

with the meditative ukulele, singing bowls,

ocarina´s and the Seagull Merlin dulcimer


Dear people.

The online sound meditation concert for week 22,  which will be online from Sunday, May 24, will be created with singing bowls, ocarina´s, the Seagull Merlin dulcimer and for the first time during these online concerts: the meditative ukulele. What do I mean by the meditative ukulele? This is a soprano ukulele, but unlike the standard ukulele, it is tuned in an open tuning suitable for playing raga-like improvisations. Also, the pitch of the instrument is matched to an A-tone in 417 Hz. According to the Solfeggio frequency theory, 417 Hz music is the vibration that is suitable for clearing and transforming negativity. This concert will remain online untill Sunday, May 31 and can be watched/listened to via a hidden link that can be ordered. This concert starts with the meditative ukulele in 417 Hz, followed by the singing bowls. The basic tone changes during the singing bowls to a C-tone in 528 Hz. After the gongs, the Seagull Merlin dulcimer (string-instrument) takes over. This time the concerts ends with the tenor ocarina and finally the double bass ocarina, which brings us deep sounds for Earth energy. This 9th concert, which lasts about 1/2 an hour, will be online from Sunday, May 24. The date of the concert is fictional and the concert can be watched and listened to online during week 22 (from Sunday May 24 untill Sunday May 31).

If you are interested to watch and listen to this online concert, please send an e-mail to:

Participation costs to watch the online concert are Five euro

(€ 5,--).

When I have received your registration by email, I will send you an email back with the bank account number to which you can transfer the payment.
Next I will send you an email with the link that you can use to open the concert to watch and listen to it.

The concert will remain online untill May 31, so you will have a week to use the link to watch the concert at a time convenient to you. The concert is intuitively improvised and every concert from John is therefore different. The plan is to put a new concert online every Sunday for which you can register again and again for a new payment of € 5.

Hoping in this way to serve any need for meditative concerts in an online setting.

With warm greetings,
John Kremer




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