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soundmeditation concert

week 29

with intuitive singing, sitarlyra, classical guitar,

singing bowls, gongs, tingsha´s, kanjira and



Dear people.

The online soundmeditation concert for week 29, which will be online from Sunday, July 12, will be created this time with intuitive singing, the Ganesh sitarlyra, classical guitar, singing bowls, gongs, tingsha´s, kanjira and darbuka. This time, from start to finish, there will be an Eastern rhythm in the background at a very meditative tempo. With intuitive singing and the classical guitar an intuitive raga will be played / improvised. The classical guitar is set in an open tuning, so that if you play all the strings without taking any cords, the groundtone of the raga will be heard (SA). As a result, the guitar can be played more or less like an Indian stringinstrument, but it also retains its Western sound character. An interesting combination of sound. Inbetween there will be some parts with singing bowls, gongs and tingsha´s. The kanjira is a small handdrum from India an the darbuka is a drum from the Middle East. The latter 2 add a short rhythmic part to the finale of the soundmeditation. Stringinstruments in general represent a group of instruments that have many healing qualities (if used correctly and played in a certain way). .......... The sitarlyra, classical guitar, singing, kanjira and darbuka are tuned to a C sharp or Cis tone, but then lowered to a 432 Hz tuning. This tuning is very common in India, in contrast to the 440 Hz tuning that we know and use here in the West nowadays. According to many who are working in the field of soundhealing nowadays, the 432 Hz tuning has a more beneficial effect compared to the 440 Hz tuning. This is because the 432 Hz tuning is more in line with the cosmic vibration of the Earth. This Cis or C sharp tone, which is slightly lower than the Cis we know and use here in the West, is most of the time used in India as the basic tone (SA) for the sitar. John uses this Cis tone as the SA tone when playing guitar and for intuitive singing. Actually the darbuka is tuned in PA, which is a G sharp or Gis tone in this tuning. .........  This 16th concert, which lasts about 1/2 an hour, will be online from Sunday, July 12. The date of the concert is fictional and the concert can be watched and listened to online during week 29 (from Sunday July 12 untill Sunday July 19).

If you are interested to watch and listen to this online concert, please send an e-mail to:

Participation costs to watch the online concert are Three euro

(€ 3,--).

When I have received your registration by email, I will send you an email back with the bank account number to which you can transfer the payment.
Next I will send you an email with the link that you can use to open the concert to watch and listen to it.

The concert will remain online untill July 19, so you will have a week to use the link to watch the concert at a time convenient to you. The concert is intuitively improvised and therefore every concert from John is different. The plan is to put a new concert online every Sunday for which you can register again (if you would like to). The price for each online concert is € 3.

Hoping in this way to serve any need for meditative concerts in an online setting.

With warm greetings,
John Kremer




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